The 187 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa is a permanent resident work visa that requires the 187 employer to be located in a designated “regional” area of Australia.

The 187 regional work visa has 2 streams:

1.Temporary Residence Transition (for workers who hold a 457 or 482 visa and have worked for the same sponsor in the nominated occupation for 3 years (or 2 years for certain 457 visa holders); and

2.Direct Entry (for workers who have an occupation on the MLTSSL or Regional Occupation List and have at least 3 years of full time work experience).  Some applicants may need to pass a skill assessment.

The regional sponsor must be able to show that there is a genuine need for the position in the business and that they have attempted to recruit for the required position in the local market.

The 187 visa applicant must have a “Competent” level of English (6 in each band of the IELTS or equivalent).

In order to satisfy the conditions of the 187 visa, the applicant must live and work in regional Australia for 2 years following the grant of the visa.

Every 187 visa we have applied for has been granted.  To obtain your  permanent residency, please contact Rowena@elmtreemigration.net.au