Regional Visas

Elmtree Migration Lawyers have extensive experience with regional work visas and the migration issues faced by the agriculture industry.  This includes the TSS 482 work visa, 494 visa and 491 visas.

For Employer Sponsors:

We have represented some of the largest primary producers in Australia in sponsoring foreign workers and advising on migration issues in the agriculture industry.  Many of our employer sponsors supply fresh produce to the national supermarkets and for export including table grapes, avocados, carrots, almonds, citrus, mushrooms, stone fruit and dairy.  We understand the challenges that growers and regional businesses face in finding and keeping skilled workers in regional and isolated areas.

Please contact us for advice on the various options for employing foreign workers in the horticulture and agriculture industry.

For Employees:

If you wish to or are already working in a regional area, we can assist in obtaining your TSS 482 work visa, 494 regional visa, 491 regional visa or agriculture visa.  Please speak to us about your regional visa and permanent residency options.

To check your eligibility for a regional visa or agriculture visa, please contact for more information.