Whether your goal is to manage your own business or pursue equity or property investment in Australia, your business skills can enable you to migrate to Australia permanently.


Whether your goal is to manage your own business or pursue equity or property investment in Australia, your business skills can enable you to migrate to Australia permanently.  Elmtree Migration Lawyers are uniquely positioned to advise on business visas as we also practice corporate and finance law.  We understand the whole picture.

There are a range of business and investment visas in Australia for applicants with the requisite skills. We can provide you with commercially astute advice on which type of visa  is suitable for your circumstances, what are complying investments and how to achieve permanent residency. For an overview of provisional and permanent business visas, see below:

188 Provisional Business and Investment Visas

188 Provisional business visas are the stepping stone to applying for permanent residency. Provisional visas are temporary and require you to establish/manage a business or make certain investments in Australia. You can travel in and out of Australia for the term of the visa. You can also bring family members with you into Australia.

888 Permanent Business and Investment Visas

Subject to continued compliance with provisional visa requirements, you may be eligible for a 888 permanent business visa. Permanent  visas allow you to stay in Australia indefinitely. After a certain time period, you can then apply for Australian citizenship.

Business and Investment visas have three different streams: Business Innovation, Investor and Significant Investor. Each has differing tests for designated investment amounts, financial thresholds and business skill requirements.  We use our extensive business, finance and migration law knowledge to provide unparalleled insight into your investment plans.

Contact Elmtree Migration Lawyers about your business proposal.  We understand the whole picture.

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